Happy financial year ending

As I confided into an old friend and a colleague of mine that it was after ages that I was so relaxed on the last working day of the year for a Bank. Why ages? In fact, for the first time after I turned a professional banker in 1985 that 31st March is just like any other day and I can really say to myself that “ Thanks God it’s Friday”.

I recall that how the last working day used to be an extremely stressful and busy day. Whether it was a branch role, a business role or an ops role, the last day always held an unmatched importance. It was as if we were all sleeping till yesterday and that there was no next day! Every transaction worth its salt needed to be consummated before the last day ended! And here I am not making any mention of the internal, non- customer maintenance jobs that was an altogether a different story!

It was often discussed that bundling of transactions on the last day should be avoided, but it never happened and it was understandably so! I never complained then and now that there’s no ground for me to complain, I feel even happier!

Like many other events in life, the changed priorities have rendered quite a few of these redundant. Year end closing, PMS, promotion, increment, bonus are all the things that were so important till the other day, are today only confined to my memories!

2 thoughts on “Happy financial year ending

  1. Sir Rightly Said that Every day is like Yearly closing. For some it is silent closing after ages.

    As all days are one and half days so closing should be rather relaxed day.

    However to mean the day , i am still at Office as i have habit of satisfying my soul to do all works expected out of me on 31st March even if cross 24 hours this I have been doing since 2007. While in Dena Bank scale II position at Mumbai yearly closing and wrapped up at 4 am in morning( as it was outdated method of branch closing S schedule M and I schedule etc) . Time is Great..this will also pass and we shall all have memories Like Your Goodself narrating it beautifully.

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