April Fool’s Day – a fresh perspective

I wish I was still working and had a great year end closing day,

But it was not so, as it turned out to be April Fool’s day;

The world was not divided but one family having a fun filled peaceful day,

Instead, I got a rude shock to know it was just April Fool’s Day;

And that our earth was replete with food, shelter and water for all each day,

But I was fooled on the April Fool’s day;

And there’s no ethnic, casteist, religious divide as humanity spent together a day,

Unfortunately, I woke up to reality to realise it was an April Fool’s Day;

And as I got deeply mired in pessimism and negativity on this day,

I realised- Reality is not so stark as it was only an April Fool’s Day!

This April Fool’s Day, let’s befool sectarianism, casteism, ethic/religious divide, terrorism, separatism, hunger, treachery and other such vices and celebrate this day in altogether a new spirit that spreads happiness!

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