V K Sehgal – As only he can be

V K Sehgal ( VKS), Vijay Mana to me, is not merely my mother’s younger brother and a Mama by that relation to me. In fact, his status in my life is quite exalted- in a sense higher than that of God! Because, apart from being a Mama, he has been a Guru, a pathfinder for me and our scriptures rate a Guru higher than God.

And what a life he has lived! A brilliant student, he put his knowledge to good use by joining academics and was a senior chemistry teacher for quite a few years. In this role, he not only guided and inspired children in the family, but students community in general and students taught by him achieved academic and professional excellence. But such was his aura and influence on their impressionistic minds ( including mine) that after more than 5 decades, a few of his students holding eminent positions in their respective yuve fields today, have same regard and respect for their onetime school teacher!

But he was destined for bigger things. Much later into his married life and after attaining fatherhood, he cracked much sought after but feared civil services examination to join Indian revenue services. After decades of excellence in his career, he today leads a relaxed, but not reclusive by any standards, life with his children and grandchildren.

What makes him unique? His intelligence, sharpness, wit and such faculties of mind are all laced with human kindness, empathy and helpfulness, making him to be a person with golden heart! The entire extended family, including people like me, living more than a thousand kilometers away from him, feel secured that if any of us in trouble, our Vijay Mana is there for us! And for me, it’s been all the more relevant, because he treated my parents ( his much elder sister and brother in law that’s my further) like a son, being there for them through thick and thin!

On 1st of April this year, our Vijay Mama turns 75, a diamond man with a heart of gold turning platinum. His loving sons, Amit and Nitin along with their spouses Rupali and Vandana, have decided to celebrate the life so far of this great man with the grandeur it deserves by hosting a gala bash! I am unable to join the celebrations due to some prior commitments, but my heart will be there and mind focused on almighty, praying for this man’s long and healthy life, because not only this extended family but this world in general needs people like VKS to be around to make difference to the humanity!

This year has another landmark in store when VKS and his ever elegant and gracious wife, Sarita, celebrate their Golden anniversary. May be that would be another opportunity for me to have a sakshatkar of my guru!

Happy birthday Vijay Mama!

6 thoughts on “V K Sehgal – As only he can be

  1. Everything from childhood till now summed up in a very nice way.He is really 🧡🧡A MAN WITH A PURE AND GOLDEN HEART🧡🧡. Love him a lot 😘😘

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  2. RESPECTED Guruwar has been my mentor since my childhood. He helped me a lot during my schooldays. He also saved me from being beaten by my mother when I would bunk my school. He has been instrumental in my life and his love for me is impeccable.

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