Attrition- The other perspective

In response to my previous post on attrition, several people opined that there was an employee side to attrition too. I am not denying that employee driven attrition is not significant. Millennials and youngsters today have a different view on career building and they look for more holistic contents in their jobs rather than mere promotion and money. I remember the time when I joined State Bank as PO and had dreamt of making it big there itself and retire as a DGM or GM. But today, youngsters don’t look at such longevity but get attracted by more substance in their jobs that includes challenges posed to them, work life balance, rapid career progression and chances of reaching to the top by mid 40s so that they can retire early and pursue other passions of life thereafter. So employees do atttite in search of better opportunities for the above considerations.

But individuals are individuals and organisations are organisations. The comparison between employee and employer driven attrition would be grossly unfair. Don’t we always say – “ An organisation is much bigger than any employee, howsoever critical or important he or she may be and that employees come and go but organisations are perpetual.” And, therefore, when we talk about organisations, we talk about organisations that aim for their existence in perpetuity and not fly by night organisations. We talk about organisations that aim for achieving greatness, immortality and an all round excellence. And we expect them to build a culture that’s inclusive, tolerant, equitable and fun filled! An employee leaving an organisation for better prospects is a matter of great pride for the organisation relieving him or her for that’s a demonstration of its inherent strength in development of its resources as per the market requirement and its culture of investing in its employees’ growth. Some organisations investing heavily in training their staff for some niche skills do pose restrictions such as indemnity or bond to deter their employees to treat them as a training institute or a springboard for further leap. But employees leaving in distress, under pressure or being forced are something that are cause for concerns. And this should not be confused with employees leaving on a happy note for better opportunities.

2 thoughts on “Attrition- The other perspective

  1. May this post cause Social reforms as I consider this attrition also an Evil which was earlier for betterment of one. Now some are leaving organization as there seem to be absolute failure of leadership. In my view adding new products will not help of there is demotivated Sales person who is more interested in organization’ s growth

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  2. Carried forward ….Sorry …own growth than first and then think of organization growth. Great Kingdom can not sustain for long unless there is thought for People and does not hurt culture in which it rules.

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