Non stop attrition – A cause for concern

I am told that attrition is worldwide and industry wide phenomenon and none is really untouched or unaffected by it. While I believe the statement, I also believe that a few organisations face this issue more severely than others.

When the news of youngsters, whom you believed to be future leaders, seeking change hits you, you know that the problem is not simply what industry or other organisations face but certainly more serious, meriting deeper introspection by the affected organisation. Those who have great going in an existing organisation and are being developed for future leadership roles should normally have no complaints or qualms with the organisation to be demitting office prematurely. This is also borne by the fact that many such people find it difficult to continue and leave their present organisation without waiting for an alternative opportunity. This shows their desperation or frustration.

Without pinpointing any organisation, I sincerely feel that all right thinking and right meaning organisations should deeply analyse their respective attrition rates and reasons and address the issues that are observed to be unfriendly. There’s no merit on in sweeping such issues under the carpet, attributing the same to be due to some prevalent trend. Good organisations should value their manpower resources and make themselves great place to work with or without any certification.

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