Happy women’s day 2023

A woman is a mother the giver of birth,

And she’s motherland too, the country of our birth! 

A woman is a sister, a relationship most loveable;

A lifelong comfort who’s always available! 

A woman is a companion in the role of a wife;

A relationship most enduring lasting our entire life! 

A woman is a daughter, a relation most affectionate;

Only those get her, who are immensely fortunate! 

A woman around you can be in any form – a friend, colleague, acquaintance or just another human; 

Whatever be her role, she’s always equal, it’s a sin discriminating her as a woman! 

Won’t put her on a high pedestal, treating as a Devi or Goddess; 

For even that’s a discrimination, unworthy of her natural prowess! 

If Ram, Krishna and Jesus are incomplete without a woman ;

How come we have this sense of superiority, we representing the ordinary man! 

So let’s celebrate presence of woman amidst us whether in one or all the above roles or none;

International women’s day then comes the each day, making our world a living heaven!

5 thoughts on “Happy women’s day 2023

  1. Well said Sir !!
    let’s celebrate the accomplishments of all the inspiring and hardworking women who have broken barriers and made a difference in the world. 🎉👩‍⚖️👩🏾‍🔬👩🏾‍🍳

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