Vaibhav weds Shivika

Being closely related to the captioned couple, we were invited to Udaipur for their destination wedding, along with 400 other guests. The venue was one of the most picturesque and famous resorts in Udaipur. The celebrations were spread over three days and everything was so meticulously planned and with such grandeur that after attending one function, the participants were looking forward to attending the next! From the travel arrangement ( pick up and drop from/to railway station or airport) to staying arrangement at the resort to the decoration of event venues at the resort to the dress code, to the food and drinks and music and dance, everything was perfectly organised with not even a single instance of any slippage. And it was all very creatively planned – the dress code, food menu and the contents of the event. While dancing to the catchy numbers played by DJs was a common feature at all the events, performances by the lead couple, parents, brothers/sisters and friends and two professional performances by a rock band and a qawwali group were like icing on the cake.

We generally use the term “ big fat Punjabi wedding “ in a rather derogatory sense that generally reflects of massive waste of money on crude and crass show of boisterousness bereft of any artistic or cultural finesse. But this event planned by my beloved Vaibhav and Shivika, Vaibhav’s gracious parents Mohan and Ruchika, his ever exuberant and very genial brother Lovey, Lovey’s pretty and petite wife Myra and our very own, my beautiful sister-in-law, Shallu, who was the force behind this union of two beautiful people and families, proved that big fat Punjabi wedding can be extremely tasteful, graceful, entertaining and memorable!

I carry back with me very fond memories of this event, apart from welcoming a super boy, Vaibhav into our family and making acquaintance with his family members. As per a common refrain, “ marriages are made in heaven, but solemnised on earth.” In this case, even the solemnisation of the wedding seemed to have happened with blessings from heaven and I hope this spirit will continue and the new pair will traverse the future together in a manner that’s truly blissful – in fact most heavenly!

8 thoughts on “Vaibhav weds Shivika

  1. When in college we used to say ‘some people write flowery english’ (हिंदी में ” शब्दों का जादूगर’ ) you are the one, very well written. May the couple stay blessed and enjoy all the beautiful things of life.

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