Festival of colours and gaiety

If Holi is festival of colours

Let it be colourful and not botched;

If it’s a festival of brotherhood,

Let it be so as that’s what has been taught.

If it’s a festival to forgive and forget ,

Let’s do so and move ahead,

For what’s better occasion than Holi,

To forge bonding and reconnect.

If water is indeed a precious resource,

Let’s conserve it this Holi.

That will only make the festival

More purposeful and more holy.

There are folklores galore around Holi,

And so much to learn and imbibe,

Let’s not forget the underlying values,

By indulging only in playfulnesses and gibe.

Ram played Holi in Awadh and Krishna in Mathura,

Making the occasion so pious so pure,

Let’s celebrate this festival with purity of heart in our own towns

And the happiness of this festival shall always endure!

Happy Holi!

5 thoughts on “Festival of colours and gaiety

  1. Holi is a festival of colors🎉🍻🎊 filled with fun, frolic and exuberance. It leads to greater camaraderie, bonding, rediscovering of lost friendship and it is a great leveller. As usual Blogger was its best and brought out nuances of Holi in his imitable poetic style.


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