Welcoming 2023

Why do we welcome a new year with all this enthusiasm?

An infant gets an year closer to childhood; a child to teenage; a teenager to youth; a young person to adulthood; an adult to middle age; a middle ager to the age of superannuation; a superannuated to old age; and ultimately an old person to the only truth in this world! indisputably, each next stage of life brings an additional bit of tension and responsibility from the gay abundance of infancy and childhood to the heavy baggage of the old age!

From the above, a person essentially should be circumspect about a passing year and welcoming a new year as in a way, he’s moving towards the eventual reality. I think we welcome a new year because for once, we cannot control or stop time from elapsing and secondly, we don’t want the unsavoury experiences of the year going/ gone by to be replicated in the new year! So a new year is all about new hope and new achievements and unbridled happiness that might have eluded us in the past!

On the above note, let me wish all my friends and readers a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year 2023. To end this on a poetic note:

2022 was welcomed with gaiety and enthusiasm

Without realising we’d witness wars, Covid and tragedies galore

While we wished things to improve for better

The things only got worse and our woes from less to more!

Losing the nightingale and thespian were big tragedies,

But they had at least lived their age;

Loss of so many others under different circumstances,

Caused deep misery and a feeling difficult to salvage!

Hope the new year 2023 is better

With more happiness, prosperity, success, achievements for one and all

While some of the things will be inevitable as before

Let each one of us take one baby step to better the things overall!

13 thoughts on “Welcoming 2023

  1. Nice. सामूहिक प्रार्थना ईश्वर तक जल्दी पहुंचती है,आइए मिल कर परमपिता से नववर्ष २०२३ में जनमानस के मंगलमय जीवन के लिए प्रार्थना करें। आमिन

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  2. Dear Sir,
    May the blessings from almighty shower on you for many more years to come and you have a long and healthy life to guide and direct us. Wish you a very happy new year.


  3. May Your Life be filled with Joy and You continue to impress followers and provide deep insights with Your Mighty Pen. May you and Madam remain in Good Health happiness. Success in all Your Works !!💐


  4. Dear Arvind very well expressed your feelings from Infancy to Old age. Hoping in new year pandemic shifting to endemic. You can continue to inspire new generations. Entering in new year with new hope, ambitions and happiness.
    Wishing you and your family happy and healthy new year.

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