Bye bye 2022

2022 for me was the landmark year

To retire at 60 and live life without fear

Now that 2022 is about to go into oblivion

I have the same old feeling of haze and confusion

New resolutions and goals will be listed

But the earlier ones are pending to be dusted

And what’s going to be new about the new year

Will all the problems evaporate and disappear?

Will the world become a better place to live?

With no war, no hatred but only love to give

But each New Year’s Eve kindles such hope

But as the year progresses these all elope

The same age old problems continue to haunt

And year end leaves nothing to flaunt

Bur mere wishing and hoping will change nothing

Unless all of us join hands and do something

As we hold each other’s hand and form a human chain

The problems will start vanishing not to appear again

As we bid adieu to 2022 let’s pray to almighty

In 2023 we shall unite and become mighty

And when common man rises and makes himself heard

Devils on this hearth have no choice but to get conquered!

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