Old school, New school

Yes, I admit unabashedly that I am old fashioned and from the old school, as evident from the following:

(1) Every morning, I eagerly await newspapers and spend hours, reading news, comic strips, editorials and solving crosswords, sudoku and word jumbles;

(2) I need my parantha in breakfast and roti and rice as part of lunch and dinner;

(3) Instead of going to gym and doing weight training, I do some free hand exercises at home every morning along with a few simple asanas;

(4) As part of my reading, I am currently finishing compendium of 12 James Bond novels by Ian Fleming, written in 50s and 60s. I follow book read with the movie based therein starring the likes of Sean Connery, Roger Moore, George Lazenby, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig- all legends;

(5) I address elderly and seniors, not only in designation but also in age as sir and madam unless someone insists on being called by his or her first name.

(6) All my savings are in banks, Mutual funds and insurance.

(7) My favourite cuisines are Indian ( more specifically South Indian), though occasional indulgence in Chinese or Pizza is not considered a taboo.

(8) I love Indian classical movies and Bollywood music up to 80s.

I used the word unabashedly for being from old school, because I am so by choice and not out of ignorance as evident from the following:

(1) I have tried all kinds of healthy seeds, salads, nutrients, supplements and found their qualities unproven;

(2) Throughout my professional life my focus was on self help and improvement books, inspirational biographies and other such world of non fiction and I find at least a few of them overrated. There is hardly any substitute for dirtying one’s hands in actual action and gaining real life on the job experience.

(3) Addressing seniors, elderly, mentors with respect is needlessly considered old fashioned and too much weightage given to informal atmosphere created by calling everyone on first name basis. My take here is that to each, his own and categorising employees based on this is more of a jargon and vogue rather than of real merit.

(4) I have seen a few of my colleagues suffering loss of their lifetime savings by investing in modern day instruments such as crypto, options, futures, overseas bonds and properties.

(5) News on media are loud, biased ( not that newspapers are very neutral, but at least they cover all the aspects), and short updates on mobile leave one yearning for more.

I have similar justifications for the other points but would end now for the sake of brevity.

Happy new year in advance. Live life fully!

4 thoughts on “Old school, New school

  1. Truly spoken (or written) Ol’ Friend !!!
    We truly are unabashedly proud of our pristine beliefs and faith in human relations.
    It does peter down to the simplicity of ‘Trust and be Trusted” .

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  2. Respected Sir Reading YOU itself is fillip and when it is blended with your Own experiments with Truth it is motivational Song . Also it is overwhelming to plunge into see how much nice way of Life it is when Old and Gold beliefs are resurfaced by Great Professional. I am fortunate to believe in Your thoughts and being follower.

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