Festival of joy – Christmas

In my previous blog, I wrote about the chips being down due to all the unpleasant things happening around us. To add to our woes, Covid menace has brought back the horror of previous waves when the entire mankind suffered.

However, with Christmas round the corner, there’s magic in the air. Santas with their sacks full of goodies for the expectant children, markets lit up brightly and homes decorated with Christmas stars and Christmas trees – all these around us, for a moment, divert our minds and attention from unpleasant things and saturate us in the spirit of Christmas. That’s the magic of Christmas.

As this another difficult year is shortly about to come to its end, let’s celebrate the festivities of Christmas and new year and pray for-

(1) Complete eradication of Covid from our planet;

(2) End of Ukraine-Russia war that’s causing the lasting damage to the entire world;

(3) Peace on India’s borders with prevalence of good sense on India’s aggressive neighbours in the West and North East;

(4) Last, but not the least, a complete unity amongst various communities in India based on mutual respect for each other’s religious freedom, food habits, territorial integrity, language and gender.

When the chips are down

And conditions are overcast

No news can be better than Christmas

To lift the spirits and happiness that lasts!

Let Santa empty his bag of happiness

Containing love, respect, peace and prosperity

And take in the same bag with him

Hatred, aversion, mistrust and enmity!

Merry Christmas to all of you! May this Christmas bring unbounded joy and happiness for all of you.

4 thoughts on “Festival of joy – Christmas

  1. A blog complete with the patented Arvind Optomism …. Beauoful !!!

    A small mention of the person who had composed the famous JINGLE BELLS … It was an Amercian songwriter James Lord Pierpont who composed this wrote and composed this song in 1857 with the title “The One Horse Open Sleigh”! This song is famous for ringing in the merriness of Merry Christmas !!!!

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