Memories refreshed

After nearly 28 years of working in Axis Bank, I superannuated in May 2022, but Axis is very much part of my persona. Therefore, meeting old friends and colleagues, especially if it’s a nicely and thoughtfully organised get together in one of the most happening places of the city, the pleasure increases manifold. And when your old associates give a hint of your presence in the office being missed, the feeling is euphoric, in a way reaffirmation of you having demitted office on a rather happy note.

Thanks to all my friends and colleagues who organised yesterday’s get together, took time out of their busy routines and chose to invite ex colleagues like me to join their celebrations. It was a memorable evening comprising some great food , drinks and discussion on the past anecdotes and memories that had a tinge of nostalgia around them. I am not going to forget the occasion in a hurry.

Professional journey can be long and arduous,

And you meet thousands before you lay down the office;

When old colleagues celebrate the past association,

It gladdens your heart no end and fills you with a feeling so inclusive!

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