Dhanteras – Diwali 2022 – Blog no.5

Dhanteras formally heralds the onset of Diwali celebrations. A festival commemorative of good health and prosperity, the day is marked by purchase of virtually anything. Those who can afford, generally buy gold and jewellery though purchase of any article, even a steel spoon, fulfils the spirit of the festival.

Naturally, the retailers, shop keepers and owners of business establishments attach a great deal of significance to this day that augurs well for their trade. Have you seen today’s Times of India? It’s at least 4 times thicker than a normal edition, having supplements replete with lucrative offers by the retailers.

As aforesaid, even a token purchase or I will go even a step further that even no purchase is alright as long we saturate ourselves in the spirit of Diwali. As is true with all our festivals, there are no hard or fast rules of celebrating them as long as we keep their spirit alive.

May this Dhanteras bring good health and prosperity to each one of us and give boost to the economy of our country!

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