New learning – Diwali 2022 Blog no.6

Great Mahatria’s thoughts are always great source of learning. In the thought received today from his group, something that many of us believed till the other got clarified and us imbibed as a new learning by me this Diwali. As explained by the great man-

“Yesterday’s success does not deserve today’s applause.Today is a new day and today requires new success. Life is not from where to where; Life is from here to where. Independent of your past, you need to reset the entire axis, make today as the new beginning. Treat every today of yours as a new beginning, a new opportunity, as a new lease of life.”

Many of us, who have spent a lifetime in an organisation boast of having given our sweat abs blood in building the organisation, do not want to be evaluated on day to day and year to year basis but want to rest on our past laurels. Many of us also boast, “ We have nothing to prove after 30 years of working.” The above teaching by Mahatria amply clarifies this age old wisdom that we all seemingly harboured.

That’s what makes Mahatria so very relevant. He’s not only a spiritual Guru but a management guru also!

This Diwali i exhort all youngsters and starters to keep in learning new skills and treat each year as there was no yesterday. While some of us could survive, they may not be able to survive in an organisation on the past laurels or one off good performance

I will end this series with final blog on Diwali tomorrow.

One thought on “New learning – Diwali 2022 Blog no.6

  1. So true and more so relevant in today’s ever-changing social, political, economic and technological landscape. We have no other option but to adapt and be ready for such disruptive changes at a very fast pace never witnessed before. It is being said that banks/ finanacial institutions will be the largest healthcare service providers in a decade or so. Beyond imagination!

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