Diwali – then and now – blog no. 4

In one of my earlier blogs written on the occasion of Diwali, I had recalled the nostalgia of Diwali celebrations in my childhood. While nostalgia is always sweet and overpowering, there’s indeed more awareness today, especially on the aspects concerning environmental pollution and a few things have changed for the better, I have no doubt about it. Let me indulge in a bit of nostalgia, along with the appropriateness of the ritual/ activity in today’s context.

(1) Actually, Diwali fever would set in from Dussehra holidays itself and we, as children, would burn crackers for almost a month, running up to Bhaiduj. I lament that month long celebrations have been reduced to just 2-3 days, but bursting of crackers is much more restrained leading to an environmentally clean Diwali.

(2) My mother, more so my grandmother, would make number of delicacies – sugared vadas, farsan, mathis, besan barfi et al. Alas, today there’s no system of slogging in the kitchen and most of the sweet meats are ordered from the market. In any case, health consciousness has led to sweets making way for healthier alternatives such as fruits, dry fruits and sugar free stuff.

(3) Exchange of sweets and gifts with neighbours was one of the most exciting events and we, as kids, used to look forward to thalis received from a few particular neighbour for their contents. Alas, when we hardly know who our neighbour is, this is almost a dead ritual today.

(4) Money was a constraint, but spirits were high. Today while the money is not much of a constraint, there are too many unsavoury developments around us that sag our spirits.

Let some of the enthusiasm and spirit of the past be interspersed with restrain in eating and bursting of crackers of today to have a heady mix during this Festival of Lights and hope!

Dhan Teras, chhoti Diwali, Diwali, Goverdhan Pooja and finally Bhai Duj! Hopefully, this extended festive period brings in best of happiness and health for everyone!

5 thoughts on “Diwali – then and now – blog no. 4

  1. How correct you are in describing old Diwali days.My Mother also used to make Marunda Sweets ,ditto i used to get Thali from closest 2 or 3 neighbours. Pollution conscious we have buried spirits towards celebration and meeting others with Love affection. What is left is WhatsApp Images and a little worship. People might have individual wealth accumulation with Each Diwali but are minus of Real peace and Joy. Diwali was one which must not have lost its shine however this also like other Indian festivals is under taboo to curb pollution. Perfectly authored by Your Goodself for us to realise and retrospect.

    Happy Diwali and Many wishes for Enternal prosperity.


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