Let Diwali bring smiles on all the faces – Diwali blog no.3

As they say, “ charity begins at home” and we are glad to have paid Diwali bonus and given Diwali gifts to our driver and maid.

A jeweller in Chennai has gifted his employees, numbering around 50, cars and motor cycles. It’s a great gesture indeed and our own limited charity pales in front of this large hearted gesture by this jeweller.

UP government has declared Diwali bonus for all state government employees and more importantly, included temporary and daily wage employees also.

MSRTC has declared bonus of Rs5000 for 87000 employees.

I hope all of us whether householders, businessmen, bureaucrats or having some financial capability support our dependents, servants, drivers, employees this Diwali so that this Diwali brings happiness on all the faces without exception.

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