Diwali 2022 – Blog no. 2

Went to a superstore, a well laid out and spacious store, but it was overflowing with people doing Diwali shopping. The billing counters, number of which had been sufficiently scaled up, still had long queues. Diwali shoppers were carrying cartloads of goods home.

I have also been scouting for a new car. Whichever dealership I have visited, everyone is giving us a standard response – “ waiting period is 6 to 8 months!

Traffic on the roads seems to have beaten the pre Covid levels and huge jams can be seen on the main roads. Diwali is certainly contributing to this chaos, albeit the sweet one.

And we are told that many reputed sweet shops have requested their patrons to place Diwali orders in advance, as they may not be able to accept last minute orders.

Diwali has certainly galvanised the economic activity. Let’s hope that this Diwali all of us enjoy happiness and prosperity.

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