Early days post retirement

Today is 31st of July and it’s been exactly two months that I last attended office on 31st May, the day I superannuated. It’s been a bit of dilemma – while on one hand the time seems to be flying, especially as I am currently spending some quality family time in Johannesburg, on the other hand it appears ages since my superannuation.

And though I have consciously avoided keeping myself updated with what’s happening at my erstwhile office place, one can choose to be deaf and blind but the same is not completely possible in today’s age of information. I highlight a few facts that have surreptitiously crept into my knowledge:

(1) The department that I headed for many years now bears a new look consequent to a major restructuring. In fact, from an important department, it’s now become a behemoth with number of people more than doubling. My successor seems at least twice as powerful as I ever was!

(2) Axis Bank posted excellent Q1 results for the quarter ended 30th June and the Bank seems to be on its way to regaining its past glory after a series of rather lackadaisical quarters.

(3) Axis share price is creeping back to the past levels of Rs800+ and many of the beneficiaries of the Bank’s ESOP scheme seem to have added considerable value since I left.

For me as a person, it’s been rather a prolonged enjoyable period, as aforesaid and a matter of great satisfaction at the organisation’s improved performance, as how one can totally detach oneself from an organisation with which one had had the association lasting almost 28 years and that was just a start up when one joined it!

Hopefully, it will not be one off joy and my personal affairs as also affairs concerning my erstwhile organisation, in which I continue to have extremely high stakes as customer, depositor and investor will continue to provide me a sustained happiness. I solicit good wishes of my readers.

5 thoughts on “Early days post retirement

  1. May I guess that post retirement you feel giving more Evan more and more value to Time,as Every hour spent at some place has opportunity cost and two months also appear ages. You are right Sir, time is flying.

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  2. It s indeed a privilege and blessing to come in contact with Arvind Arya spanning from the years of UTI evolving into AXIS. The nostalgia of the Good Ol’ Days are as fresh as the times they were created. So much to remember, so little to forget is what I would describe my experience with you.

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