Outdated British policy refuses to die down

History tells us that British empire thrived the world over due to their divide and rule policy. India too got freedom ultimately but a new nation called Pakistan was carved out of it.

We are also told that we should learn from history as it has a tendency to repeat itself. Those who learn from history can avoid repeat of its dark chapters and hours. Unfortunately, a few of the statesmen in this country, who occupy important positions and whose views are heard avidly, seem to be suffering from “ foot in mouth” syndrome and they make such statements that ruffle the calm.

Like all five fingers form a fist, all the communities and states forming this nation provide strength to it. It is absolutely unfair ( I’d rather say foolish) to compare contribution of one community or religion or state. After all those who do business are not doing solely for economic prosperity of the region where they have set up their businesses but for their own prosperity as well! And then there are people engaged in various other chores and professions those who are also contributing significantly. Each community, section, class of people are contributing to the growth and prosperity of our country and there’s nothing to choose amongst them!

Even if my voice is faint and reaches out to a few hundred people, I will continue to exhort the virtues of unity and oneness and spread the happiness instead of acrimony and hatred.

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