Organisations and individuals

Axis Bank has posted excellent results for the Q1 ended 30/06/2022. The only point to be highlighted here is that I was with the organisation for only part of this quarter as I retired on 31/05/2022.

When I left my erstwhile organisation to join UTI Bank, as the Axis Bank was then known as in 1994, there was a sort of efflux from that organisation with many of those leaving it forming creme de la crème ( not me of course who was quite junior to be part of such an elite category). However, quarter after quarter after the exit of such talent, that organisation continued with its sterling run!

The above two instances relating to me go on to re-emphasising the fact that organisations are much bigger than individuals. Individuals come and go – sometimes seeking greener pastures, at other times out of sheer frustration and grievance and of course on account of superannuation or retirement- but organisations built on solid foundations continue their run for decades ( some organisations are in centenarian league), facing various ups and downs with resilience.

We should all be seized of the reality that we leave organisations on our own accord for the reasons stated above and in the process, we neither do any obligation or disservice to the organisation. Organisations continue as it is as new replacements come and fill the gap caused by an exit. I realised this much earlier in my career and probably, the clarity of this reality was at least partly responsible for my longevity.

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