Democratic temperament

One of the recurrent themes of my blogs on current affairs going on around us is the need for logical, cogent and facts based discussion, preferably on the floor of parliament rather than rancour against and venom spitting on each other on channels and social media. And this is my complaint against the respected periodicals also as to their inability to rationally argue for or against, as per the merits of the case, any issue that’s of public interest. That’s how a matured democracy matures further and strengthens. Instead, politicians and political commentators of all hues and colours shout at the top of their lungs, throwing innocent and naive public into the throes of deep confusion.

As my readers are well aware that I regularly follow Urdu press, more so Pakistani press, and sometimes one does come across certain stuff that touches a chord of your heart, as it mirrors the reality in our homeland too. Read a couplet by redoubtable Anwar Shaoor ( he writes a couplet daily in Jang like Laxman used to publish a cartoon daily in TOI) in today’s paper that reads:

हो दलीलें अगर किसी के पास

क्या ज़रूरत कुछ और करने की

वह सियासत ही क्या जो हो मोहताज

धौंस, धमकी, दबाव, धरने की!

The above can be translated as:

If issues are debated with logic and reasoning

Where is the question of other things ?

Politics will not then not be a slave to

Protests, pressures, threats and sit ins !

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