I am delighted to inform that a friend and an ardent follower of my blogs has painstakingly compiled my first 100 blogs and published the same as a hardback book. This transforms me from being an amateur blogger into a published author, even if it’s only one copy published that too available with the author. The book has been gifted to me to felicitate me on my superannuation as I retire from my current employment in 31st of May after completing 60 years.

No other gift would have gladdened my heart as much as this conversion of my digital blogs into a hardback. The presenter has requested anonymity so I am just gratefully accepting this and sharing it with my readers and friends.

5 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. Superb Sir.The poem is a reflection of your internal turmoil of what as happened to us as Indians .A very very relevant question in the deep unconscious mind of many country men.Thanks to you sir for bringing out that anguish and the frustration of many Indian citizens,who want to see Mother India Happy and not strife with turmoil with everything except the love for the country.
    As far as your superannuation,Sir,All the Best and I am confident,your blogging shall add more milestones to the already achieved milestones.
    Ofcourse Hat’s off to that Dear friend of your Sir,it is so true that when we have such friends to share our lives,our lives too shine brightly.
    With gratitude to be in my life too.
    Regards Subhash


  2. Wow Sir. This is such an apt gift on your retirement an obviously has so many of your memories associated with it. Very well thought of…


  3. Such a touching gesture. I m sure you are walking on air after receiving this book. Best wishes to you Arvind for the second innings of your life. May you continue to go from strength to strength. Do keep up the writing 👌👌


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