Happy birthday Mahatria

I got everything I desired,

A loving wife, an obedient child and a job I liked;

Yet there was something amiss,

An inexplicable strange emptiness in life.

I ran from pillar to post,

To find an answer to this strange bug;

I went to god men for a miracle,

But it was all humbug.

I meditated and prayed to God,

I chanted slokas in search of peace;

It gave only momentary relief,

But I continued to feel ill at ease.

Then a friend shared his experience,

Who had been through similar travail;

Till he met a Guru, a spiritual guide

Who put him on the right trail.

That’s how and when I got exposed to Mahatria,

And started following his thoughts and teaching

All very simple and straight

Yet with an effect that’s far reaching.

If his teachings and messages have such profundity even from such distance,

Such is his persona, such is his dignity

I envy those who meet him and have his Sakshatkar,

They are indeed blessed to an infinity!

His birthday is like Guru Purnima,

For his disciples and admirers alike;

Happy birthday the Great Mahatria,

Please continue to spread peace and light!

3 thoughts on “Happy birthday Mahatria

  1. Your post on your Spiritual Guide is sincere, honest and HUMBLE. It’s the last trait that marks good persons. All good things stem from sincere humility and humility is founded on true humbleness. Nice to know about Mahatria, a Spirtual Guide.


    1. Thanks Ashim; I have never met Mahatria who to my mind shuttles between Bangalore and Chennai. I have been pulled into his philosophy and thoughts by a colleague who is an ardent Mahatria follower. What strikes me about him is his interpretation of simple rules of life most simplistically. He doesn’t promise any miracles and is therefore more of a spiritual guide, as rightly mentioned by you, than a god man.


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