Friends with Ex

Hrithik Roshan married his childhood love Susanne Khan and the two formed an ideal couple, very much in love. After nearly a decade Of blissful togetherness and two cute children, they decided to call it a day, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason.

However, the two continued to be friends and frequently got together, especially whenever their children required both of them – parent teacher meets, birthdays, holidays etc. in fact, how an ex-couple could continue to remain good friends was very well demonstrated by this couple. In India, divorces are mostly bitter, marred with battle for custody of children and alimony and exes become complete strangers, if not lifelong enemies post the separation.

In fact, I vaguely recall that Hrithik and Susanne were once contemplating getting together once again and remarry. Of course, this didn’t happen and both decided to move on in life.

However, news item in today’s newspaper regarding return of Hrithik and Susanne from holiday not only together but along with their respective partners was nothing less than a shocker! Hrithik has been dating Saba Azad for sometime as tracked and followed by paparazzi and media, I had not heard about Susanne dating Arslan Goni. But seeing them together as two happy couples was something that has either never been seen or seen very rarely in our country.

While tongues can wag and people can say or think whatever they like, I think Hrithik and Susanne have set new standards and thought process for separated couples. They have rather become brand ambassadors for those couples, who find their respective partners incompatible but are scared to get separated for post divorce bitterness and complications. Life is short and unpredictable- rather than persisting with an unhappy relationship, some learning can be imbibed from this celebrity couple, who have so graciously moved away and are respectful of each other’s new partner. No doubt it’s easier said than done – to celebrate happiness of your ex partner with a new partner requires a heart of a lion and mind that’s very broad!

Hope Hrithik and Susanne find happiness with their new partners, simultaneously remaining friends with each other and bringing up their children together into good humans.

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