Season of festivals

Our strength lies in diversity – of languages, eating habits, customs, religions, creeds- and the fact that our society is pluralistic and our nation secular are matters of great pride for all peace loving citizens of this country. Internal peace and unity will ensure that the country can focus on important socioeconomic issues to better the life of its countrymen.

We have in the past most peacefully and with full reverence celebrated different festivals that have coincided. In a sense, even the current month of April packs in it a whole lot of festivals – Navratri culminating into Ram Navami, Ramadan that will culminate into Eid, the period of lent that will end with Easter Sunday and new year of various regions – Baisakhi, Bihu, Vishu and Poila Baisakh.

It’s very unfortunate that Ram Navami processions at certain places were met with resistance and violence leading to riots. Now in a riot like situation, it’s very difficult to pin blame on any community for as there are peace living people in every community so exist the rabble rousers. But all sane minded people should frustrate the attempts by these rabble rousers to disturb peace and amity.

Right now, we can see many states around us crumbling. Srilanka is in economic mess and serious shortage of essentials has led to virtual civil disobedience. Pakistan is facing unprecedented economic downturn and inflation, leading to change in Government there within 3.5 years. And no early end to the woes of the common citizens seems to be in sight in both these countries. Bangladesh seems to have got its economy on the right path, but religious intolerance there is very unfortunate as Bengal ( undivided) is a land of Tagore and Kazi Nazrul. In contrast, though we in India are not totally unaffected by Russia- Ukraine war and are facing general inflation due to sharp increase in fuel prices, we are still best off! And India demonstrated tremendous resilience by emerging strongly out of 2 pandemic marred years.

Let’s preserve this unique feature of India of unity in diversity. That’s our strength. Let’s keep our emotions and feelings in check and work collectively towards building a strong nation, a role model and benefactor for the entire world !

Happy new year !

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