Till death do us part

Creations of the nature are seldom without purpose or a very deep logic. Everything created by nature – living beings, seasons and the very universe follows a great logic and has a great purpose behind its creation.

The above idea struck me now when I am waiting for an important milestone in my life whose date has been fixed. And in spite of knowing the exact date, there’s so much anxiety, impetuousness and restlessness about the impending event. This led me to wonder, what if the lord almighty had fixed our date of departure from this world?

Birth and death are some of the unique mysteries that the mankind, in spite of great leaps in science, technology and realm of knowledge has not been able to unravel. Birth to some extent is now determinable – we are coming across several cases of induced births on pre decided dates, especially the 1st of January or days coinciding with festivals that are considered auspicious. But death remains a mystery. Some countries have legalised euthanasia, where a person can choose to die with medical assistance under certain specific circumstances. But these induced births and pre planned deaths are artificial and few and far between. To most of us, death remains a mystery and an uncertainty.

While it’s good to follow the philosophical idea of life being momentary and most wicked, the fact remains that we live our life as if we are the permanent denizens on this earth, living forever. We continue to work, enjoy, amass wealth and enter into relationships, without ever realising impermanence of all these, the only reality being death. It’s true that terminal patients do see foreboding of death all the times. I have closely seen my brother in law, suffering last stage of metastatic cancer, counting his days and waiting for an impending death. Yet even in the worst of times, he had not completely given up the hope of survival , awaiting a miracle.

Let’s respect nature and all it’s creations, though the theme of this blog is to thank nature for certain very logical rules that makes our life on this planet so much to yearn for!

We make solemn promise

Till death do us part

Yet in our entire life filled with years

We shun considering death as our part

Nature is very kind

And certain mysteries it keeps in its heart

So that we live life to the fullest

Without waiting for the end as it’s part!

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