Truth shall prevail

We are in a age where information is available in abundance and Google is the new guru- a sort of encyclopaedia that knows everything. Gone are the days when information required multiple visits to libraries to dig out the required data or facts.

But I personally feel that we are all rather inadequately or ill informed about the various happenings around us!

Let’s check the facts around currently the hottest event- Russia – Ukraine war. Why is this war happening, who’s winning, what are the losses and gains for the two warring nations, what’s preventing a ceasefire or truce – different sources will give you different information, which are in fact not the reality but perspective!

How about the Covid pandemic that threw our life out of gear for more than last 2 years? How did it start, was it natural or synthetic, how many people died, why is it mutating so fast, how effective is the vaccination, shall we require booster doses ad Infinitum- check any guru for comprehensive answer to any of the above questions!

And this information ( or should we call it disinformation) is not restricted to the aforesaid worldwide mega events? What happened to Sushant Singh, did he commit suicide or was he murdered, what happened to the purported drug mafia – NAB had summoned virtually half the Bollywood?

And there are issues by dimes and dozens that rock the nation or state or city by becoming the headlines or breaking news for a few days and then vanish into oblivion! Where is that crop of investigative journalists who would painstakingly go into the depth of the matter to unravel the truth? Or is it then we are too busy to wait for truth to emerge and look for instant gratification through cheesy gossip?

Unless, we learn the truth, we should restrict ourselves from forming firm opinions. Let’s keep our minds open for processing different views and perspectives without treating any of them as real fact. And hope that truth shall ultimately prevail!

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