Holi Day

It just struck me that the day on which the festival of colour and gaiety Holi falls, is also a very holy day linked to some great stories in our scriptures and above all a holiday too! These three connotations of the same sounding three words inspired me to say my Holi wishes in the form of a short poem that reads as under:

In our busy daily routines,

With tensions and worries galore;

A holiday brings us relief and pleasure,

And it becomes a day to adore !

But a few days like today are even more special,

Being a holy day, Holi day and a holiday

The joy and happiness then becomes triple,

To celebrate with colour and wishing our worries away!

Happy Holi to you and your friends and

8 thoughts on “Holi Day

  1. A Holy day, Holi day and Holiday. So nice, Happy Holi, Sir. Coincidentally, this is the night of shabe barat also. A Holy day.


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