Holi brings hope

There’s something beautiful about our festivals. Howsoever bleak be the scenario, our festivals do the job of removing the darkness, bringing hope and lifting our spirits. And this is more so for Holi, the name itself being synonymous with joy, happiness and celebration. Keeping both the above things in mind, the current negativity around us and the uplifting spirit of Holi, I have penned a few lines that read:

Happy Holi

Who says Covid is gone and dead?

We may choose to throw caution to wind;

Fourth wave seems to be raising its ugly head!

Vaccination, social distancing and mask are being used in war with Covid,

Missiles, rockets and Bombs are causing destruction in Ukraine;

Both countries are claiming righteousness, God only knows, who’s Goliath and who’s David! 

Everything seems dark and bleak,

Inflation is making life difficult for everyone;

Price of all the commodities is at the peak! 

In such a grim scenario, full of hardship and grief,

One doesn’t know what to do; 

To get over this and get some relief?

But the God is very generous and kind,

In comes Holi, the festival of colour and happiness amongst all this war and Covid;

To spread love to humanity and divert their mind! 

Happy Holi to all ! 

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