A tribute to time


Time is a very vicious thing;

It gets spent with a zing.

We are faced with its perpetual shortage;

In childhood, youth and old age.

Time is also very precious;

Well spent time bears fruit that are delicious.

Time wasted is very perilous;

For it makes a person go delirious.

Time is very wicked;

When going is good, it’s nicked.

When grief befalls one;

Time seems like a ton.

Past makes you nostalgic, always golden;

That galloped too fast beholding you to olden 

The future always looks so uncertain to face;

With each second trotting at snail’s pace.

It’s easier said that done;

To live in present for anyone.

It’s difficult to detach oneself from the past;

And not too look at future that seems so vast.

One way to reconcile  heart to vagary of time;

Is to view time scientifically using one’s mind.

It always moves at its steady pace;

Whether one is a tortoise or a hare.

I read somewhere the secret is to move with the flow;

Time neither moves fast nor slow.

It’s our reaction to the time that makes us fear time;

Good deeds and thoughts over the time will make life sublime! 

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