Old, Plain Day

I saw an interesting item in today’s newspaper. It was around the dedicated days – in fact, it was about an overdose of such days and yearning for a free, plain day.

As the news item mentioned, moving from Father’s Day on Sunday ( which was also an International Surfing Day and international T Shirt Day – thank god I wore a T shirt on Sunday, albeit unknowingly) to International Yoga Day on Monday ( also World Giraffe Day and World Peace and Prayer Day) to today being a World Rainforest Day, it’s been one helluva busy period 😃! This is not all – tomorrow the 23rd is World Widows’ Day and 24th is World Fairy Day and World UFO Day. In fact, the news item further laments that all the remaining June Days are dedicated days, 1st July is International Jokes Day, 2nd July for some reason is World UFO Day again, 3rd July is International Drop a Rock Day and 4th July is International Day of Cooperatives! The item celebrates 5th July, exactly 2 weeks from today that has been mercifully not dedicated to any cause and is just a plain, old day!

In the earlier days of my blogging, dedicated days were my favourite to pen a new blog! Luckily very soon I realised that it’s not just Father’s, Mother’s, Teacher’s or Children’s Day ! Virtually every day, sans a few intermittent good, old , plain days as the aforesaid news item describes such days, is a dedicated day and I would have run out of steam and ideas had I persisted with my initial resolve!

Happy 5th July no event day!

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