Flying Sikh

Father’s Day is celebrated the world over on the third Sunday of June honouring fatherhood and paternal bonds, as well as the influence of fathers in society. Going by the tradition, tomorrow, being the third Sunday of June 2021, is the designated day for this occasion.

India has a tradition of treating father with utmost respect not only in his capacity as the Head of family, but as someone who begets a child who is then born to a mother. Our most revered scripture Ramayana is replete with the stories of an ideal son, Ram, following his father’s orders most obediently though it meant tremendous hardships for him. We belong to the land that has produced sons like Ram, Prahlad and Bhagat Singh, who brought great glory to their fathers.

Respect for father requires no special day and this is true almost for all important days that we celebrate. However, this year in particular, Covid pandemic has wreaked havoc and it has been especially harsh on senior citizens – our fathers and mothers. This was not the end we envisaged for those who brought us into this world and whose love, affection and blessings we always craved for. There’s something depressing about this father day.

And today the nation received the sad news of the sad demise of another of his glorious sons – the flying Sikh Milkha Singh, who lost his battle to Covid a few days after his wife lost her life too! This father day let’s dedicate the occasion to the father of Indian sports – the flying Sikh!

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