Let’s defeat the third wave

Some people are brave hearts. While I don’t know whether they maintain social distancing or wash their hands regularly, but they definitely have an aversion to using the mask. They either don’t wear or wear it well below their nose, as if virus hates the nasal opening and likes to infect through mouth cavity only! It’s not clear whether their attitude arises out of ignorance or just that they have been plainly lucky to have avoided Corona?

But these are not all! There is another set that has an aversion to vaccine. These are easy preys of the canard being spread about the side effects of the vaccine. There have been news of bodies turning magnetic due to ill effects of vaccine.

Yet there is another set for whom crowded places are a must visit. Whether it’s their shopping requirement , religious affiliation or political inclination , they simply cannot sit at home or avoid such places where social distancing is made mockery of.

While writing the above piece, I am acutely aware of our Corona warriors – doctors, health workers, essential service providers et al – who are daily risking their lives for our sustenance. There are also daily earners who have no choice but to earn their sustenance daily. I salute all these and I think we should all remain eternally grateful to this section.

We can still fall victim to Corona in spite of mask, hand washing, social distancing and vaccination. But then we know that while death is a certainty, to walk in the middle of the road or railway track is suicide! We cannot defeat the death, but let’s not commit suicide.

Life is nothing but a set of challenges

And Covid is just one of them

If we can overcome all others

Why should to Corona we succumb?

Obliteration of Corona may not be immediate, but let’s ward off the immediate threat of the third wave that’s knocking at the door!

Stay safe!

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