Receiving and giving

Came across a beautiful message yesterday on the importance of giving and unity. A preacher asks the congregation about the secret of longevity of the giant redwood trees, the tallest trees on the earth that have survived flurry of storms, blizzards , snow, heat and yet have survived for hundred of years? Someone from the congregation attributes it to the depth of their roots! Preacher explains that in fact their roots are quite shallow; these trees expand their roots horizontally beneath the surface so as to form strong interlocking bonds with the roots of fellow trees. By doing this, they don’t only strengthen themselves but give strength to fellow trees to ! As the preacher finally concludes, this gift of reaching out to others, giving them strength and in the process forming a strong unity is the secret behind these tress longevity, stature, magnificence and uniqueness.

He then goes on to beautifully explain the fine nuance between living and life. He says by giving we receive. By getting things, we make a living. By giving, we make a life. We are only the caretakers of the divine property, but we misunderstand and treat ourselves as owners. We should learn from redwood trees – support each other and give strength to each other. In return, we shall receive longevity, strength and above all happiness. Isn’t it a beautiful thought?

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