Let’s count our blessings

One sometimes comes across certain simplistic pieces of writing that leave a deep impression. There’s an oft quoted adage ascribed to Helen Keller that reads:

I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet

We also hear another popular quote that says, “ Grass is greener on the other side of the fence.” But today I came across a beautiful piece that’s aligned in its spirits to the above quotes, but exhorts us to value what we already have rather than yearn for more or better. The piece says:

You terrible job is the dream of the unemployed.

Your house is the dream of the homeless.

Your smile is the dream of the depressed.

Your money is the dream of the poor.

Your health is the dream of the sick

And I add from my side:

Your child is the dream of childless

Your friends are the dream of a loner.

Your car is the dream of a traveller using Mumbai local.

Your simple monotonous food is the dream of hungry.

And I invite my readers to further add to this list so that henceforth we all count our blessings rather than yearn for more or better. This is so true in the current pandemic times, when all people like us locked inside our homes without worrying for basic requirements are really blessed looking to the suffering of all those who need to earn daily to eat!

4 thoughts on “Let’s count our blessings

  1. Absolutely agree to your thoughts Sir. When I look around and count the little things that bring happiness, I feel really blessed. While people are deprived of many basic things in life, I thank God for his blessings.
    May he continue to bless all our fellow beings and bring back happiness for everyone 🙏


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