Third wave

Other day as part of the press briefing, scientific advisor to Government of India opined that going by the present trend, third wave of Corona virus could not be ruled out. More seriously, the third wave could be primarily targeting children. I also read somewhere that authorities are preparing for the third wave by readying ICU facilities for children. This has completely shattered my peace of mind.

How do you save children from this evil? Apart from their natural immunity, it’s very difficult, virtually impossible to enforce any dos of Covid protocol on them. Children don’t understand social distancing, refuse to wear masks and touch all sort of things with their hands! They also would find it very difficult to immediately discern symptoms of Covid such as loss of smell and taste and shall keep on playing till their body refuses to take it any further! Under the circumstances, the prospects of Covid third wave are most horrendous!

If the people of the world unite, they can achieve any mission. Two world wars have been fought so far, the last of which was almost 80 years ago. The threat of Third World War, which will not be traditional but atomic has loomed large, but the prospects of total obliteration of the world as a consequence has played an important deterrent and good sense has prevailed over the powers of the world to obviate such an eventuality. Third wave of Covid is no less harmful, especially if its going to be several times more infectious, lethal and targeting our children. We should all unite to immediately work towards vaccinating the entire world population, including children. Pfizer’s, Modernas, Astra Zenecas should share their technology with other pharma companies so that pace of manufacturing vaccines can be accelerated and further improvement can be made, including manufacturing of broader spectrum vaccines covering all mutants and vaccines for infants and children. Governments can compensate these patent holders through alternate means but the need of the hour is to make these vaccines generic for mass production and coverage of maximum population.

If we resolve, we can do it. For a moment, all differences should be set aside and we should all work with one point agenda of eradicating Covid and ensuring that there’s no third wave!

Sequels are welcomed for super movies

For a super evil like Corona , let the second be the last !

2 thoughts on “Third wave

  1. Truly Sir. No more sequels to this.
    Praying for this to be the last and that therez only good things that follow.


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