Go Corona

A prayer for deliverance from Corona

Human beings are counting their breaths
Hospitals are counting number of deaths

Burial grounds and crematoriums are not having a moment that’s dull
For bodies are coming and coming and there’s not even a moment’s lull

And people are seeking safety in vaccination
But vaccination centres are overcrowded destinations

And god has given us abundant amount of oxygen
Yet people are dying for hospitals have no oxygen

And though Remdesivir is no sure shot panacea for Covid
Yet it’s skyrocketing price exposes the human greed

Wave 2 is more fatal and serious than wave one
And scientists say wave 3 will affect children

Death is knocking on the doors of friends and neighbours
Who knows when life will treat us out of favour

Let’s wear mask, stay indoors and pray to almighty
It seems only some unseen force can save us from this calamity!

7 thoughts on “Go Corona

  1. Rightly said Sir. The nature is somehow backfiring and people are becoming helpless. Prayers seem to be the only hope.
    Let’s continue our prayers and hope that times will be fine soon.


  2. Blogger has rightly summed up the harsh Reality our country is passing through ….. Divine intervention is needed to put a pause on people sufferings….. Wonderfully penned down.


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