Good Friday

As the folklore goes, Jesus was made to bear the cross on which he was finally crucified. While Jesus being the son of God did so to save the humanity, in our lives, we all have to bear the cross , which as per Cambridge dictionary means an unpleasant or painful situation or person that you have to accept and deal with, although you find it very difficult. The underlying message is that a problem has to be faced heads on rather than avoided as once we bear the cross only then we can expect ascension to heaven, the manner in which Jesus, crucified on Good Friday attains ascension on Easter Sunday.

All the religious festivals have underlying social message and while we observe the rituals – prayers, fasting, feasting as the case may be- unless we understand the essence and imbibe the real message, it’s an opportunity wasted.

2 thoughts on “Good Friday

  1. Well said Sir.
    From this blog, I am reminded of my childhood days when I wasn’t aware of this fact and I felt it is some Happy occasion to be celebrated. It is much later that I understood its meaning when I happened to wish someone a Happy Good Friday n then I was explained its relevance and the reason why it is said to be good though infact it is a mourning day. Your underlying message so beautifully explains it.


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