April Fool’s Day and new financial year

Mumbai has reported zero new Covid case. Almost the entire population of the country has been vaccinated. Government has issued a formal advisory declaring Covid to be summarily over and removing all restrictions that were in place in view of pandemic.

Pakistan has formally acceded to India’s position on Kashmir, has decided to destroy all nuclear warfare and signed a friendship treaty with India.

China has recognised LAC to be the actual border between India and China thereby ending all border disputes.

Fossil fuel and other polluting materials have been completely put into disuse, paving way for solar and other renewable non polluting sources of energy and ozone layer has started repairing itself. Scientists have forecasted that in a decade our planet will have greenery, wildlife, water bodies and pollution level that existed at the beginning of the 19th century.

India’s population has been progressively coming down and is expected to fall below 100 crore in the next 5 years thereby ceding the position of the most populous country to China, the county it had overtaken in 2030.

World religious council leaders met in India and declared all religions to be equal and similar, summarily ending the long standing dispute of superiority of one religion over the other. With this, all religious conflicts are going to end and the world is going to witness lasting peace based on religious bonhomie,

If wishes were horses, beggar would ride. But where would we be if we lose all hope and live in perpetual despair. This is no April fool joke but a sincere heartfelt wish and to ride this horse, I am ready to become a beggar!

Happy April Fool’s Day and new financial year!

4 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day and new financial year

  1. Really wish these all come true. Some more sooner and others later and hope we live to see those days.
    Wonderfully penned it Sir.


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