Aamchi Mumbai

The posts in one of the FBGroups that I am a member of are mostly soaked in nostalgia. Nostalgia about the people, places and events of yore. Names have changed, old joints have closed down, iconic theatres are no longer there, double deckers are on their way out and this list is endless.

The moot point is that is this change exclusive to Mumbai? The answer is no and I can vouch for at least one another city – New Delhi. Connaught Place and Connaught Circus became Rajiv and Indira Chowks respectively, iconic Madras Hotel shut down and like Mumbai all iconic theatres have either closed down or converted into Multiplexes,

While nostalgia is a natural feeling and it stems out of our past experiences with these places and events, I think the overarching principle is that change is the only constant. Some changes will be sign of progress – world class metro network, mono rail, coastal road, new International Airport – a few will drown us in further nostalgia – closure of restaurants where we enjoyed our meals and time spent, theatres where we looked for corner seats in our youth or renaming of the places that will simply refuse to hook on to our tongues!

Let’s hope, whatever changes, it happens for better and aamchi Mumbai relives the grandeur of iconic old Bombay! ​

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