Mountain out of mole hill

How about a servant, who is more respectfully called a valet, having a magic wand to solve all the problems, mainly small matters assuming monumental proportions? What about situations arising when the main protagonist is a lazy, laid back, idle member of English aristocracy, surrounded mainly by dim witted friends, termed blighted ? And the problems mainly pertain to the whims of aristocratic uncles and aunts who cannot be offended or ignored for these young lazybones depend on them for their monthly allowances and inheritance of their wealth! There are engagements and broken engagements, love triangles, game of one up man ship, lost and found, misunderstandings, false identities but never any rancour or malice. All is in good humour and ending is always happy for the protagonists and readers!

You must be wondering about the theme of this article. It’s on the current reading I am into – writings of PG Wodehouse ! I have read him before off and on. But during my recent Covid isolation, my attending physician advised me to avoid stress and read, watch and listen to only feel good stuff. So I have been watching nice videos of SPB on YouTube, listening to my favourite old Bollywood songs on Google play and reading P G Wodehouse.

PG Wodehouse’s novels, novellas, stories. his characters – Bertie Wooster, Jeeves, Psmith and uncles and aunts make up a very interesting light hearted read and the humour is subtle, but makes you burst into loud laughter at times. And the beauty of the language and use of quaint English words is to be read to be believed.

I have more than 5000 pages of PGW’s writings on my Kindle and as and when I come across the Master’s uniqueness, I will share the same with my readers.

Some light humour in these dark times is highly recommended.

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