Paradox – no simply perspective

Years ago, I read somewhere a short poem on our attitudes toward relationships. It read:

When my son-in-law

Takes tea in bed for my daughter

She’s so loving

And he’s so caring!

When my son

Takes tea in bed for my daughter-in-law

She’s so selfish

And he’s spoiling her.

This remains etched in my memory years after I read it because of its stark truth. And this came back to my mind the first thing when I received a forwarded post on my WhatsApp that talked about paradoxes as under:

(1) Moms want their daughters to control their husbands and sons to control their wives.

(2) Everything run by government is very bad except government jobs.

(3) We are always in hurry, but seldom on time.

(4) Holy places are very interesting – poor beg outside and rich inside.

I think there’s nothing paradoxical about the above things and it’s more to do with our attitudes. Every mother herself would have been all other three – a daughter, a daughter-in-law and a mother-in-law and she just needs to remain herself and not to change as per her role.

Government should not run businesses and govt jobs should have same benchmarks like private sector.

Punctuality is a virtue that is as important as honesty and truthfulness. If one wants, he or she can always be on time and I myself am a practising exponent of punctuality.

In front of God, we are all beggars and not everyone may be begging for money – people beg for issue, business, success and mental peace.

Some posts on social media exhort you to think and mull over it. This was one such post.

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