Winter rains are boon and farmers should go to their farms

These days I get quite perplexed. There’s nothing that’s black and white – everything has shades of grey. My humble view is that things can either be good or not good. Or at least can be okay and not as good as originally conceived or expected; however, something which is well intended cannot simply be bad and undesirable.

If the farm bills are so good then why the press, electronic media and intelligentsia of the country are not coming together and cornering the leaders of agitating farmers and the fence sitter politicians. And if it so bad, why the nation is not coming together and forcing the Government to repeal these laws? Why there’s so much confusion, so much bitterness, so much bad blood and above all loss to the farmers for they should be spending this time sowing seeds in their farms, especially now that the God has gifted us with very beneficial winter rains and to the innocent public facing traffic jams?

My fear is that if this bitterness doesn’t end soon, there are anti social elements on the prowl sensing their chances to use this agitation to pursue their nefarious designs. We are hearing about separatists of different hue and colours surreptitiously entering the agitation to add fuel to the fire!

In a democracy, conflict of views is very common and any such instance requires deliberations between the conflicting parties. Also, in a democracy that’s live and breathing, peaceful agitations and demonstrations are bona fide tools to express resentment. But democracy also entails responsibility and sense of duty in addition to sense of right. Anything that weakens nation or national interest requires introspection and re-strategising. Flexibility and to bend a little to conquer are necessary ingredients of democracy. But we are seeing agitations of a different sort where agitating parties show rigidity, inflexibility and above all scant regard for inconvenience to common citizens. We noticed this during Shaheen Bagh sit-in and now seeing farmers doing the same. Worst, this can weaken the nation’s fight against coronavirus!

Government has bent to allay farmers apprehension. Now farmers should also bend a little and give Government an opportunity to demonstrate its intent. If the modified provisions are still falling short of farmers’ expectations, farmers can regroup to resume agitation.

For the sake of our country, let no fence sitter, manipulator, enemy of the country and any such dubious group take advantage of this agitation to weaken our great nation.

We love and respect our farmers and love our country too ! A weak farmer will weaken the country and that will not be tolerable to patriots of this country.

Let’s move ahead! Jai hind!

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