Pearls from Mahatria – Many manifestations of god

As my readers know, I am blessed with the daily thoughts of Mahatria’s thanks to my old acquaintance, who is a devout Mahatria follower and who posts Mahatria’s thoughts every morning, which I eagerly await. While all his thoughts are precious and enlightening, a few are compelling that force me to share it with my blog followers. Like this one he posted a couple of days back that caught my fancy:

The master said

  • If you see me as a Guru, you become a Seeker.
  • If you see me as a Beloved, you become a Lover.
  • If you see me as a Master, you become a Disciple.
  • If you see me as a Teacher, you become a Student.
  • If you see me as an Incarnate, you become a Devotee.

The Master then clarified,
How you see me does not make any difference to me, but it makes all the difference to you.

Isn’t it a beautiful thought and don’t all of us have this realisation whether the master here is lord almighty or our respected Guru! I would especially like to make a mention of our favourite God, Lord Krishna here, who is worshipped all over in his various manifestations. By virtue of his Bhagvad sermon to Arjuna from Kurukshetra battle field, he’s a universal guru ( with Bhagvad Gita and its message forming curriculum of several universities, including those abroad) , I have seen him becoming the beloved of so many, the way Radha and Meera adored and doted on him. He’s an incarnate of Vishnu, we all know and a teacher is nothing but a modern day version of the earlier guru and student of disciple. We are all devoted to him. However, the reason for taking the specific example of Krishna is another manifestation of his that of Balkrishna or the infant/child Krishna! If you see him as child, you become a parent! A similar example in other religions that immediately comes to mind is that of infant Jesus, who is adored and worshipped.

God has many infestations; the actuality of that manifestation lies in the eyes or feelings of disciple or seeker making him or her to be a seeker, lover, disciple, student, devotee or a parent as the case may be! Beautiful thought!

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