Lessons from Bhagvad

It’s not for nothing that experts are increasingly realising the importance of Bhagvad Geeta in modern management learning techniques. In fact, several management colleges of repute have included this immortal classic tome in their curricula.

Came across the above episode from Mahabharat that encapsulates the Great fight between two great warriors – Karna and Arjuna. Arjuna charioted by Lord Krishna himself and with other protections as highlighted in the episode is the ultimate winner, but he’s crestfallen for the Lord, instead of appreciating his efforts, is seen repeatedly applauding Karan’s effort. This was hurting Arjuna’s ego, a victor and a leader ! But Lord’s explanation was very subtle ! He explained what all was available to Arjuna that catapulted him to victory, privileges that Karna was bereft of and yet he fought so valiantly! Lord explains that behind our achievements , there’s a divine will. Divine intervention puts us in right place at the right opportunity , paving the way for our achievement and success!

The above message is also contrarian to Bhagvad’s message of doing Karma or making efforts to achieve something! If indeed everything is attributable to divine will and divine intervention then whatever is in one’s Bhagya or destiny should be his for which he should not be expected to be doing Karmas. These seemingly contrarian and contradictory views in fact lend an insurmountable depth to Bhagvad’s learning that are required to be understood, imbibed and practiced and not just skimmed through for half baked inferences!

We would have come across several successful people claiming to be self made, attributing their success to sheer hard work, planning and strategy. But behind one’s hard work, planing and strategy also there’s divine will and no body should claim the success of any venture solely by himself. It’s not just by chance but divine will that one gets a viable idea, financial assistance and a great team that helps one realise his or her dreams! On the face, it’s all our efforts, karmas or purusharth, whatever you may call it, but behind it there’s an unseen, unheard, unfelt ( only experienced) divine will and intervention and one must be grateful and gratuitous for all this success!

2 thoughts on “Lessons from Bhagvad

  1. I like this Post very much and Divine Virtue behind success. Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta I always keep with myself this is same pocket size book which was started in our school for memorizing verbatim Shalokas but lateron it became a Treasure of solutions to problems even though it is difficult for me to find accurate meaning and solution but still I try. Sir ,I am excited to read when you write extract from Bhagwad Geeta.


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