Monsoon Magic?

When the rain fell on the tin roof,

Pitter patter was so melodious;

Children played in water poodles,

Splashing sound was so mellifluous.

Bathing in the rain was so refreshing,

First shower had curative power so was said;

Neither it caused cold or cough,

Everything was joyful and so perfect.

Wet weather caused hunger pangs,

But ordinary food would simply not do;

Hot pakoras and hot cup of tea,

Were the must without any hullabaloo.

Come monsoon and heat would abate,

So first showers were eagerly awaited;

After sweaty and sweltering summers,

Rain brought happiness making everyone elated!

Where are those rains?

It’s either drought or disaster;

Gone is that sweet pitter patter,

Children avoid poodles as if monster!

Rains were welcomed as gift of god,

Flooding was rare and seldom;

There was no fear or panic,

For it was just a natural phenomenon!

This year is turning out to be special,

Transition from season to season seems seamless;

Covid has pushed us inside since winters,

Rains will lead to new winter, yet we shall still be hopeless!

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