Happy Platinum Jubilee Sir

I had earlier also written a blog on Mr Malik. Today as he celebrates his 75th birthday, I am tempted to say a few more things about his unique personality.

He belongs to that fast vanishing rare breed of people, who likes to go out of his way to help people, without expecting anything in return. If at all, he gets admonishment from his wife and daughters for needlessly getting into the matters of others. But that’s how he is! He just loves if two people to whom he is trying to help or introduce benefit from each other’s acquaintanceship!

He never keeps anything is in his heart and says it on your face. This has two effects – it puts off a set of people who do not like straight talk, especially if it concerns them and it also helps Mr Malik build life long relationships based on mutual trust and love once the person understands that plain speaking is in that person’s interest and done without any malice in his heart! In today’s time of tact and diplomacy where are such straightforward, honest and truthful persons calling a spade a spade!

You can like him, love him, adore him or dislike him, but you cannot repress him and his thoughts. He says what he feels and there’s no duality in what he says and does!

He worked hard for more than three decades and earned every penny and every position that he got! He never begged anyone for favours and this high self esteem distinguishes Mr Malik from ordinary mortals, who may not minding to bend a little to achieve something. He has never bent but stood erect staring at every challenge in its face and this quality of his makes his achievements all the more precious.

And yes all that matters to him is relationship and it’s importance. He is not the one to shy away from responsibilities that relationship bestows on a person.

As said before, where do you find such selfless, simple and straightforward people! Having one such in one’s close contact is the most cherished possession for anyone and for me it’s a blessing to be acquainted with him and to be counted amongst his friends! To end this piece of obeisance on his platinum jubilee, I will say:

Where’s the mould and the clay

That the almighty used to craft him, a pure silk; , a pure silk

Seems these got discarded as God stopped;

Making V K Maliks and persons of their ilk !

2 thoughts on “Happy Platinum Jubilee Sir

  1. Thanks for your kind words, I know you mean it but is it not too much. It is also rare to find Arvinds who remember a midget like me even after 37 years of first acquaintance turned into relationship more than a family member. We are actually family now. May you Veena and Ankita and her family stay blessed. Let us pray to Him to keep our relationship growing stronger.


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