COVID- From mere news to reality

In one of my earlier blogs, I had expressed similar sentiments about cancer. Day in day out, we hear people dying of cancer. The scene outside Tata Memorial Hospital can be heart rending with patients and their relatives all over there, camping on footpaths. Very recently only, two stalwarts of Bollywood- Irfan and Rishi Kapoor died on consecutive days after battling virulent strains of this deadly malaise. But all these were news or events, until this disease decided to make inroads into the family and my brother- in – law was detected with having metastatic cancer with origin unknown and no cure! It was only then that realty struck us and for last several months, we are facing this reality daily seeing him going a step closer to his life’s end.

Similarly, since its initiation in China late last year, COVID has been in news all over. It was still a news when Corona virus decided to infect other nations of European Union and USA. The situation got scarier when the first of Corona cases was observed in Kerala and then the virus came knocking at the doors of Mumbai. The lockdown, day curfew, work from home and Mumbai becoming a red hot zone of Corona virus all added to our fear and discomfort but were still news and events.

And then like the incident of cancer above, Corona made inroads when a close friend, who started feeling uneasy and feverish was diagnosed as COVID positive. She’s now under treatment in local hospital, battling it out all alone, as she’s living by herself in this megapolis. The news has now struck us like a bolt, rudely shaking us from the world of news and distant events into the world of harsh reality.

Knowing her inner strength, her perseverance, her zest for life and her optimistic view of the world in general, I have no doubt, she’ll emerge victorious in her fight with Corona virus and battle hardened after this, she will emerge even stronger, more positive, more optimistic and more distinctive.

While my friend will defeat and kill Corona virus, I wish all the well to hundreds of others- including migrant labours and under privileged section of the society that they all defeat Corona so that we as a nation can come out of its evil design and live our lives as we were doing till 2 months back.

4 thoughts on “COVID- From mere news to reality

  1. My good wishes to everyone including your brother in law fighting his battle and your friend suffering with COVID. Let us pray for their health and success to fight this battle.


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