Happy birthday God’s very own messenger

This is my second blog on Mahatria. I have not met him but thanks to a friend, who is Mahatria’s ardent follower, I am now beneficiary of Mahatria’s thoughts and messages, received every morning. These are simple messages holding a very deep meaning and those who have experienced his presence, I am told they have felt close to divinity.

Actually, this is a special ode to this messenger of God on his birthday. May God bestow his choicest blessings on his favourite son for people like him are required to show the way to the mankind in these dark hours of COVID pandemic. It’s impossible to find enough words to write his eulogy, but I hope this humble attempt of mine of composing a few lines as an ode to him are liked. My verse reads as;

Mahatria- God’s very own messenger

When the world seems to be nearing it’s end,

With COVID pandemic taking its grip;

The house of gods are all locked,

Only place to go is hospital for a drip.

There’s no vaccine and no cure,

People can do nothing but look at sky;

To search for elusive answers,

Of how this has happened and why?

But when the God seems far,

The messenger of Gods is there for us;

Mahatria is one such ray of hope,

In his simple words showing truth without fuss.

Our scriptures are complex,

In Sanskrit that’s hard to comprehend;

That’s why god has sent Mahatria as his messenger,

Who’s simple, selfless, genuine having no pretence!

May God make more of his ilk,

Who spread goodness and love amongst mankind;

Happy birthday Mahatria

For you are the one of the rare kind!!

I bow in obeisance.

4 thoughts on “Happy birthday God’s very own messenger

  1. Happiii Morning Sir.

    Lovely message. Simple, but very meaningful. Each and every word is the true reflection of who Mahatria is.

    Mahatria always tells, even if one person among thousands of people who listen to his discourse gets transformed, it is worth the effort.

    It is proved once again that it’s worth sharing his message every morning. It helps me more than anybody else. It helps me to start my day with positive thoughts.

    The most beautiful part is, he lives by what he talks. He walks the talk.

    Like any human being, I also have ups and downs. Life is a roller coaster ride. But whenever I feel down, my fallback is to listen to some of his speeches. I will get recharged.

    Thanks once again for your lovely words. I will share with his staff, with a request to share it with him.

    Have wonderful days ahead.


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